Short Fiction: Blind Notions

Short Fiction: Blind Notions

“It will save her life, right?”

Marnie let the desperation in her question plead for her and her daughter Marisa. She sat on the floor, holding Marisa and hoping that this last resort would work.

Dr. Jackson hesitated before he answered, trying to come up with a delicate answer. “The nanites will clear Marisa’s cancer, and will fix the damage. But there’s a strong possibility that they won’t stop with just fixing it. Nanites work at a molecular level, perpetually pulling materials from the bloodstream.”

Jackson paused, looking down at Marisa’s striking green eyes. “Marisa would survive,” he said. “But by the time she’s an adult, the nanites will have transformed her.”

Marnie looked up, fresh tears in her eyes. “But she would be alive. I’d get to hold her, to see her grow up.” Her head lowered as she watched her daughter struggle to breathe.

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Showtalk: True Detective

Showtalk: True Detective

I’ve been thinking about writing articles on movies (and TV) for quite awhile, and I thought I’d get started with True Detective. HBO’s series has managed to get a lot of attention, and for good reason.

Now, before we get into this, I want to say that I approach these articles the same way I do my “This Week’s Art” articles. That is to say, it’s just what I see and my opinion. It doesn’t make it right or wrong, it just is. I’d love a lot of conversation on each post, so fire away.

So, let’s get on to True Detective. There aren’t really any spoilers, but that doesn’t mean I won’t warn you. There still might be a few things in there, read at your own risk.

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Photography: So many spiders

Photography: So many spiders

Last fall, while we were in Florida for a rocket launch, we decided to check out the many nature reserves along the way. We came across one that had a nice walkway through the swampland, and I thought it would be a great chance to try the Canon T3i dSLR that we had just purchased.

I tend to take pictures of just about anything, but wildlife photos can be a lot of fun. The photos from yesterday’s blog about the elk is a great example of how I like to take photos of large animals. But I also like to take shots of very tiny creatures as well.

Now, I might be going a bit too far, because there was very little to be considered “small” about the spiders I took photos of in Florida.

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