Jan 052015

Twenty-five years ago, as of yesterday, I had the very best steak sandwich.

To be honest, I wasn’t hungry at the time. It was well past dinner time, past 8 o’clock at night even. There’s no real reason that a steak sandwich should have even been offered, and yet, it was the right thing to have.

Having a meal is only partly about the food itself, especially when you are with other people. There’s an atmosphere to the room, both physically and the emotions of those around you. It has a lot to do with what’s going on around you sometimes, sure.

I remember stopping at a local cajun place when I was on the way to Alabama a number of years ago. In that case, it was the physical atmosphere of this Louisiana restaurant that was fascinating. The live cajun band was howling away in the corner. Business cards by the thousands were pinned to the low ceiling, and the fried food just kept coming.

Thanks to the atmosphere, that was the best fried food I’ve ever had.

I remember just this past year, while at a seemingly normal breakfast at a typical restaurant chain, that I had the best breakfast.

It wasn’t the pancakes, or the eggs, or even the coffee. Not that the food was bad, it was just fine. But I was surrounded by friends, all relaxing away from an event. We spent that whole breakfast laughing so hard, laughing with each other. It was one of those times where you really don’t want it to end.

That was probably the best breakfast I’ve ever had.

Twenty-five years ago, from last night at least, I sat down and had a steak sandwich with my father. He cooked it up, plated it while I sat there, and we ate in peace. There were no words between us, other than the typical thanks and such. What seemed to be odd, asking if I wanted a late steak sandwich, became peaceful and normal.

It was the last meal, and the last words, that I ever had with him. Over the years, I’ve always thought that in some way, in some unconscious light, he knew this would be our last time together.

It really was the best steak sandwich I’ve ever had.

Sep 292014
Unimaginable is not a word in my vocabulary

When I was standing in line at the local coffee shop, I overheard a couple of people talking about something awful. That happens, certainly, it’s not unusual at all (I often stand in coffee shop lines). One of the women in the group, after hearing the full details of a plane crash, said, “That is just unimaginable. I could never imagine that happening to me.”

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Sep 122014
The Devil's Footprints: Creating Oddities From The Mysterious

For my entire life, from the stone ages until now, seemingly, I have been fascinated by the strange and the weird. Growing up, nearly all of the books that I read were about mysterious happenings around the world.

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Sep 092014
The texture of zombies and the dead

One thing I love about art is seeing the different interpretations that artists have. A different take on a sunset, or a new way to paint buildings, and even new ways to paint monsters. These new methods and creative views drive what I love in art. Let’s face it, especially where monsters are involved.

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Sep 082014
Weird is the new normal

I constantly look at other artists’ work, in fact I make it a part of my day to at least check out art or illustration boards on the web. There’s something I’ve noticed, and I’m not sure if it’s a trend or if it’s something that’s always been there.

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Sep 052014
Your monsters change, even when they never do

I was particularly enamored the other day with the newest trailer for the film Pacific Rim, and it made me think of something other than giant robots and giant monsters.

Originally published by Apex Book Company, April 2013

Aren’t these the same giant monsters we’ve seen for years?

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Sep 032014
Perception of the visuals: the look and feel of noir

Picture this: there’s a former cop standing in one spot, with a beautiful woman standing behind him. His gun is drawn, and he’s waiting for the bad guy to show himself so they can have a “final showdown”. It’s a tense scene, where quite a lot of bad things are about to happen.

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Sep 022014
The strangeness of trying to give something away

As it turns out, I’m an artist. An artist that has, luckily, convinced others that he can do art. Thus, I produce covers, interior illustrations, and whatever else folks need. I’ve mentioned it before, and I’m not done beating it into the ground just yet, but it can be an up and down game. One that’s filled with happiness, regret, satisfaction, depression, and quite a lot of other feelings.

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Aug 292014
Oh. You're one of “those” kinds of people.

Whether I’m creating some new piece of art, or taking a photo, even writing a story (wait, “he writes?”, you say), I have always loved creating things. I especially love to create things that have, shall we say, an unusual feel to them. I love the fantastic, the supernatural, and all of the strange things that people don’t like to admit exist.

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Aug 282014
What is it that you really want?

The last couple of years, with the violent ups and downs as they’ve been, haven’t been the easiest. Long term unemployment, financial issues, near total lack of art sales (and no originals sold at all, let’s not forget that). When a creator goes through times like these, contemplation on the future is sure to happen.

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