Geeking out on the new Canon


It’s just a point-and-shoot Canon 880, but it’s a far more advanced camera than my 4 1/2 year old Kodak.  It takes some pretty decent shots, and I think it’ll be a good camera overall.  A few shots…

This one shows off the macro ability, which the Kodak never had a chance of doing.  The Marvel Zombie statue is  maybe 8″ high, and check out the cobweb on the left.

I also tried the “color accent” ability of the camera, in this case I had it pick yellow to see what would happen.  Not sure how much I’ll use it, but interesting nonetheless.

Since I had the camera out, I also took a picture of the mask I picked up in Portland.  I thought it was pretty cool, and it’s fitting to my work.  It’s the Lord of Death and Destruction.

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