Sketchy McSketch Sketch: August Edition


Every so often, I try to go back and look at my sketches and pick the ones that don’t seem so horrifyingly bad that I can’t show everyone else.  Here’s another round of those sketches, and I think it’s a good exercise to post them and let the world see how an artist works on pieces that aren’t finalized.

These following images are not cleaned up, not correct in many respects, and really represent my art at it’s most free.  No story behind them, no idea really of where they are going, just free flowing exercises in trying whatever comes to mind at that moment.

I think that’s important for an artist, and even for any creative person.  Just throw it out there, with no plan and no heading, and see where the ship takes you.  It might be practice, it might be plans for a new piece.  Hell, it might even be catharsis.  As long as it’s a free expression, of letting your brain finish it’s own story.

Now, just to be clear, looking through my sketchbook is probably like looking at madness right in the eye.  Some of the sketches are more realistic, some are of characters or creations, and sometimes it’s even of cartoon characters and smart ass comments.  Below is a pretty good look at what the average page looks like.

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