Sketchy McSketch Sketch: November and Moleskines


Since November has just been a crazy month, I only managed to sketch here and there.  Partly that was due to time constraints, and partly due to the idea that I like to practice sketch on a larger 9″ x 12″ Strathmore sketch pad.  That’s normally fine, and here’s an example of one page of that:

I know, random as always.

When I’m not at home, either out around town or on a plane or whatever the case might be, I try to have my Moleskine with me.  For those not in the parlance, a Moleskine is a particular kind of small journal, in my case the “storyboard” version.

To be honest, I resisted having one for a long time because I like to sketch all over the page, using nearly every spot I can. But over time, I’ve really come to love having my Moleskine.  For one, it’s a great size (5 1/2″ x 3 1/2″) to carry in my pocket. I’m also getting in the habit of jotting down those pesky ideas that usually fly away, which I can then revisit later.

It really does end up with the similar, scattered feel of my normal sketchbooks.  For example, this one is about to become a much larger, apocalyptic piece. It has a different, experimental style for me:

The odd rounded squares are the background of this particular style of Moleskine (there are many). In my case, with a big comic strip project and a kids’ book project coming, having the storyboard version made a lot of sense.  The boxes (despite my scanning) are actually fairly light lines, and haven’t really interfered with any of my ideas.

Some of the ideas I am jotting down are of current projects, and I can sit anywhere I get a chance (plane, coffee shop, you name it) and play with some ideas:

Other times, I just get a chance to practice what I want to, where I want to.  Some ideas may continue on, some not.  Some ideas are sketched out pretty well, others are left pretty open and are mostly just quick lines:

Overall, the Moleskine has been a very handy thing to have.  I know for sure I’ve had a number of ideas that otherwise might’ve gone lost, quick sketches that really do become the basis for something greater.  If you see one in your local store, give it a try.

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