Galleries I’m in Part 1: The Gallery Underground


Last night was my first night in The Gallery Underground, an alternative art gallery in Fort Collins, Colorado.  This is the second local gallery I’m in (I’m also in the OnDisplay gallery, which I’ll feature soon), and it’s great to try my hand at gallery work.

I wasn’t lucky enough to sell anything last night, but we did (“we” being myself and fantastic artist Jeff Herndon) get quite a lot of traffic in our booth. Most people actually stopped and looked at our work, and we even had a few conversations about our work and how we do it.

I think the experience is important for an artist, not just for feedback (and, frankly sales), but also the interaction with people genuinely interested in the art. Many artists fall on the introverted side of things (ahem… I have NO idea what I’m talking about… carry on), and getting to talk to an interested public helps an artist understand the world just a little bit better.

On top of that, you might even get a few more fans out of it.

Below is what my setup at the gallery looks like, followed by a legend of sorts that shows which image is which. The most popular piece last night was not the “Infection” frame that I featured the other day, it was actually “A Violent Reaction”. Go figure.

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