Of Caves and Alien Worlds


When we were in Texas in July, we had a chance to visit the Natural Bridge Cave, just north of San Antonio. We’ve been to a few caves as a family, and for once I had a decent enough camera to get some shots while we were down in it.

I think exploring caves gives you a chance to see an entirely different environment from what you are used to. It’s not just the dark, or the feeling of being closed in, but it often feels like an alien world.  There are formations you don’t see above ground, and if you’re lucky even animals that never see the sun.

Below I’ve gathered some of the better photos I took, and the formations I’ve found fire my imagination.  In several spots, it seemed like Cthulhu was around, as almost squid-like formations descended from the ceiling.  There were a few times too that I was wondering if a head crab was hanging up there (for you Half Life players).

I didn’t include them below, but the cave gave me quite a few texture shots to use with my art to.  That alone was worth the trip.

Check them out, and as always let me know what you think!

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