New Acrylic Painting: Hadrosaur-ish

I’ve been working on a number of projects, and one of those is to expand the offerings that I’ll have at my Spectrum Live booth this coming May. To that end, I’m trying to create a number of small acrylic paintings to have there.

I’ve also wanted, for some time, to try my hand at another fossil piece. I had created an ink of a dinosaur previously (see it here), and I thought a painting of one would be fun. I decided to try working from a photo of a Hadrosaur skull/fossil that I had, but combining it with the more abstract, or loose, painting style.… Read the rest

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New experimental artwork: Selene, Mediterranean

Being an artist, to me anyway, involves taking chances. Though I value consistency, there’s something to be said for experimentation. 

Experimenting with techniques and styles gives me a chance to explore areas I haven’t tried before, and really challenge the concepts of art. Not just in how I make things look, but the difference in procedures as well. To tread on unfamiliar ground, and attempt to survive it, is how I grow as an artist (and a person).

Case in point, my new piece below. I wanted to give a gift to the clients that commissioned me for my large acrylic painting, Selene at Bonifacio (see it here), and I thought a small painting of a similar idea would be a good.… Read the rest

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New acrylic painting: Selene at Bonifacio

A few months ago, a former graphic design client of mine asked me to do a traditional painting for her, something she could give away as a present. She had been on a long trip to the Mediterranean, and wanted to repay her hosts with something more than just a “thank you” card.

I thought it would be a good challenge, and something that I might learn a lot from, so I said yes. This would be something radically different from my normal works. No monsters, nothing creepy. In fact, it needed to be bright, inviting, and quite detailed in the accuracy of both the region and the yacht that carried them for the week.… Read the rest

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New Painting: Darkness on the Path

I’ve been trying lately to get on a schedule of having regular, smaller works completed. The last month has proven instead to confound that plan, but I’m still hoping to get that worked out.

Case in point, my new painting for today. It’s meant to be a smaller, less involved painting, and for the overall series I think it will fit right in. The idea behind the smaller works is to do less complex ideas, versus the detail that I add on the larger pieces and digital works.

This idea came about mostly because of the dark figure in the center of the painting.… Read the rest

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The Tools and Materials I Use, Part 2: Painting and other uses

In the first part of the article yesterday (here!), I talked about the pens, pencils, and different paper stocks that I use as an artist. Today I’m going to discuss the other things that I do, including acrylic painting, matting, and so on. First off, the easy stuff.

Painting with Acrylics

Now, I’ve only been using acrylics for about a year (save for the time in the late 90’s when I toyed with airbrushing), so there may certainly be better and easier ways to do things. Also, perhaps there are techniques and abilities that I haven’t come across yet, so bear with me.… Read the rest

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New Acrylic Painting: Ravenesque

While working on a far larger painting, one that’s taking much longer, I decided to do a smaller painting. I had to wait for the larger one to dry anyway, so slipping in a small one was something I could work out.

I’ve been thinking of doing continual, small paintings of different ideas that I’ve had. For one, I might be able to put them up for sale, giving folks the opportunity to own a less expensive original painting (ignoring the inexpensive prints I sell, of course). Also, I get the chance to do smaller, one-off kind of ideas that might not really need a large painting to get across.… Read the rest

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To be [social] or not to be [social]

I originally wrote this article for my Apex Magazine slot this month, but in the long run I decided to go a different way with it. I thought this one ended up a little more about creators than about the things the Apex might need, so I wrote a different one.

That said, I think this one says some good things as well, so I’m posting here on my own site for you fine folks to check out.

Also, just for the record, Apex is a wonderful publisher, and please go check out their books and other publications.… Read the rest

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Updated: New Acrylic Painting “Haven”

Much of the time, I get an idea for a piece of art and I start in on it. But every so often, I have the start of an idea, and I let it take off from there and it ends up wherever it feels like.

This is one of those paintings.

Now, to be fair, with all of the acrylics, I’ve tried to lay off forcing it to go into a specific direction. It’s an experiment, and the only way I’ll learn is to try. Whether I succeed or not, and have truly created “art”, is up to someone else.… Read the rest

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The new painting: “Consequences”

Though I’ll try and get better pictures of it once it’s dry, I decided to go ahead and add my newest acrylic painting to the site. I call it, Consequences:

I’m really having fun with acrylics (and inks for that matter), but they are far different from my digital pieces. I sort of just let them come out, and let them be who they are, and really try to experiment as much as I can. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Hell, maybe this one doesn’t work either. But it’s still fun.… Read the rest

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The End of the first Moleskine

Last year, I offered up a post on the small Moleskine sketchbook that I picked up (last July, check it out here). Since then, I’ve managed to fill it completely up, and move onto a new one. As an artist that likes to share (just catch me in real life, I never shut up), I thought I’d post a few more highlights from the last bit of Moleskine work.

Now, the Moleskine for me has been a very useful thing. It’s not something that the art is finished on, so please don’t judge me on that.… Read the rest

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