New art and experiment: The All-Mighty Dollar

For awhile now, I’ve been interested in trying new materials to work with, something other than canvas or paper. A few artists that I know paint on wooden skateboard decks, and I thought that would be something very interesting to try.

My friend at the local Rendition Gallery (go check it out folks) ordered a few skatedecks for the upcoming show at the gallery, so I picked one up from him to get started.

It’s a bit of a departure from the canvas I’ve been painting on (with acrylics).… Read the rest

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Work in Progress: Futility Painting

Now that I have the camera back (it took the family on a vacation this week), I can post a few shots of my work in progress. It doesn’t have an official name yet, but “futility” might have something to do with it.

Here it is on my desk, and below it are a few closeup shots of the texture I’ve added to it for effect. Interestingly, my son looked at it and said “that’s a creepy looking guy in the gas mask”. Which, of course, seems to indicate that I’m right on track, since that’s what it’s supposed to be.… Read the rest

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Creating the Painting: Infection Unbound

Last weekend I was able to finish a painting that I’d wanted to do for some time. Not a digital image, but an acrylic painting. Here’s what it looked like in the gallery on Friday night:

If anyone read the previous blog entry (not betting on it) about the original “infection” piece (here), you’ll recognize the frame that the painting is in. When it was at the gallery in September, no one really looked at it with the digital print in it.

So, being inspired by my friend and fellow artist Jeff Herndon (who I share the space with in the gallery), I’ve been trying to do more traditional art.… Read the rest

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The Thing That Crawled

New Art: My first acrylic – no giggling

Sometimes, I shudder to post new ideas or new techniques that I try. I never know if they really work out, if they are ok but just need work, or if they are so awful that the sun will shrivel up and we’ll all die.

But, I also think that as an artist I always need to push ahead, to grow and to get better at what I do.  Posting the results on my website, while giving the distinct possibility that some new editor or fan might run away screaming, also forces me to learn and to adapt much more quickly. … Read the rest

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