How Streaming Video Shows Who I Am

As someone with an insatiable curiosity, my experience with different media has been an interesting one. Often, the information found in one medium leads to another, and then another, to try to find as much information about a subject as is possible. A great example of this is the latest book on my reading list, which concerns the assassination of President James Garfield.

Destiny of the Republic by Candice Millard is an exceptional book, filled with the fascinating history of an event that is mostly forgotten in today’s society. The history of the event, and the precursors leading up to it, are showcased in Destiny of the Republic, and it leads easily into a search for more media about the subject.… Read the rest

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My New eBook: Life As An Artist In Repose

Over the course of the last two years, from January 2010 to present, I’ve been writing monthly articles for the Apex Book Company. I’ve now compiled those two years of articles into an ebook collection, called Life As An Artist In Repose, now available for purchase on Amazon here.


The idea behind my articles for Apex has always been the “life as an artist” style articles. What I see as an artist in the publication industry, how I myself am treated as an artist, and overall what it’s like to live as I do.… Read the rest

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