New experimental artwork: Selene, Mediterranean

Being an artist, to me anyway, involves taking chances. Though I value consistency, there’s something to be said for experimentation. 

Experimenting with techniques and styles gives me a chance to explore areas I haven’t tried before, and really challenge the concepts of art. Not just in how I make things look, but the difference in procedures as well. To tread on unfamiliar ground, and attempt to survive it, is how I grow as an artist (and a person).

Case in point, my new piece below. I wanted to give a gift to the clients that commissioned me for my large acrylic painting, Selene at Bonifacio (see it here), and I thought a small painting of a similar idea would be a good.… Read the rest

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Leaving Christmas for Dead: Boomer Claus

Every so often, I get some idea rolling through my head that I just have to investigate. On this site of mine you’ll find experiments as dark as The Lost Nightmare, as wacky as zombie muppets, and many others that I just thought would be fun.

After a discussion online earlier today with artist Chris Zenga, one of those things clicked into my head. I stopped my cover editing and ebook creating to give it a shot.

I don’t get to play many games, but I do have a number of games from the game company Valve.… Read the rest

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New ink art and the trick of creating it live

While I was in Austin, Texas, for the World Horror Convention, I had a bit of time to kill before checking in. I decided to sketch some things first for projects that I have in play, and after that I decided to create another ink card.

Now, the main motivation for it was that I simply wanted to do another ink work. Secondarily, especially since I was sitting right near the main path of all of the con traffic, I had quite a number of people walk over and take a look at what I was working on.… Read the rest

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A Momentary Lapse of Reason

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks, while still working on projects and doing art and design, in a bit of a lost sense. I’m not sure why, but I’ve reached a bit of a crossroads with the world. Almost like this long, perceived journey is about to take on a different tact since the end of the last job.

But the more I think of it, the end of the last job isn’t exactly it either. Sure, being laid off from regular employment means many things, not the least of which is a distinct lack of funding.… Read the rest

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Second star on the right, and straight on ’til morning

At the end of this week, I’ll be a guest at VisionCon in Springfield, Missouri. This is only the second time I’ve been a guest at a convention (though I’d love to be in more of them), but after the first time I realized how great it can be.

We’ll set aside the part for now that they help pay for things, though as an “about to be unemployed” designer/artist that’s really helpful.

Being a guest is great for many reasons. Obviously, as an artist, I need to sell both myself and my work.… Read the rest

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This Week’s Art: Rising of the Bones


This is Gustave Dore’s Rising of the Bones (aka, Vision of the Valley of the Dry Bones, 1865, engraving), a masterwork by one of the greatest engravers and artists that I’ve yet come across.

When I started being an artist, there were certain works and creators that I was really influenced by.  Artists like Michael Whelan, and Frank Miller, and maybe none more than Dore.  Most of my first works were scratchboard or pen & ink, and to look at Dore’s works was to see everything that I wanted to do.… Read the rest

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