Photoshop: Color Correcting and Curves

Now, there are roughly a billion ways to do any one thing in Photoshop. When it comes to color correction, there may even be two billion. But today I just want to look at one particular method, using the Curves adjustment layer to correct color.

A couple of caveats: I haven’t installed CS6 yet, despite it sitting here on my desk. This tutorial uses CS3, but any version from CS2 on will work just fine. The buttons might be in slightly different places, but they are there. Secondly, though you could do this destructively, I prefer to use Photoshop’s non-destructive Adjustment Layers.… Read the rest

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Recoloring the grayscale art

I have an odd brain (you don’t say…), and the way it works with art has always been interesting.  One of those oddities is in working with grayscale vs. color.

I know plenty of artists who start with a grayscale piece and then go and color everything to make it a full color image.  For some reason though, my brain just doesn’t do that.  When I start a grayscale piece, I expect it to stay gray.  When I start a color piece, I start every part of it in color, and go from there.… Read the rest

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