Distractions can lead to the truth

Last week, I was doing a free-flowing session of ideas, whatever popped into my head. I started sketching an idea of someone running across a high bridge, with the zombies in heavy pursuit.

Now, the thing about being an artist, especially an illustrator, is that you have to come up with lots of interesting ideas for things that simply never happen. All of the things that are considered fantastic, like monsters, dragons, even zombies, simply don’t exist. You have to pull the right images in the right ways out of your head, and hope that the ideas work.… Read the rest

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Photography: An afternoon trip to Estes Park

On my travels as an amateur photographer, my plan is to write about my experiences in learning about the craft. Living in Colorado affords me a lot of chances to take many different kinds of photos, and my photography articles are here to help me remember the good parts of what I do. I have a relatively new Canon T3i, which for me does a nice job.

One important note before I start talking about my afternoon trip to Estes Park. Our entire area (quite literally) was hit with massive flooding last September.… Read the rest

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Now at the gallery

I’ve been a part of a local gallery for several months now, and it’s been a great experience.  Having been an illustrator for so many years, it’s been interesting to explore the prints and fine art side of things.

Luckily, the On Display Gallery in Fort Collins, Colorado (just up the road from home) specializes in alternative art. I definitely fit in there, and I’ve had a number of good comments from people in the gallery (and a handful of sales).  It’s been a great learning experience, and I’m happy to be in a good place with good people.… Read the rest

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