New Ink Art: The Thing That Was Bennings

Here’s a new Alphabeast creature, and an interpretation of a scene from one of my very favorite films, John Carpenter’s The Thing.

If you haven’t seen the film, go ahead. I’ll wait.

Back? Wasn’t that just awesome?

To create an ink of the creature isn’t the easiest, considering that it doesn’t really have one single form. So I looked at some of the great scenes in the movie, and one of them has always stuck out for me.

In the scene, one of the men at the Antarctic base, named Bennings, has become the unfortunate victim of the Thing.… Read the rest

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Experimental Alphabeasts: I is for Id

For my Alphabeasts entry this week, being still in an “experimental” mood after that last painting (here), I went with a different effect than I normally have.

Usually, I have quite a lot of crosshatch marks on my inks. I decided this time to try something with far less lines, but with just as much planning and reliance on the contrast in the image. It wasn’t easy, but I think it worked out fine.

One of my favorite films is the sci fi adventure Forbidden Planet. Especially the scene(s) with an invisible monster known as the “id”.… Read the rest

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Inks at VisionCon

While I was at the con, I was able to complete one ink card and two ink sketches. It was very interesting, working on art in front of people. I don’t get to do that very often, and it was interesting to see how people reacted while I was creating the works.

The first one is an inked card, like the others I’ve been doing (5″ x 7″, 140 lb. Cold Press). This one I’d been waiting to attempt for some time, it’s the faun from the film Pan’s Labyrinth.… Read the rest

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