This Week’s Art: Club Night

Before I brand myself as either only liking realistic art or only posting neoclassic/romantic art, I thought I’d add a little different look.

This is George Bellows’ Club Night (aka, Stag Night at Sharkey’s; 1907, Oil on canvas, 43 x 53 inches), a “looser” image than I’ve been posting so far.  Ironically, Bellows also did at least two other boxing images which were much more realistic, but this one stuck out for me.

Bellows’ work here is a study of how to use contrast without resorting to sharp lines.  He used the immense darkness of the arena contrasted only with the strong highlights through the center of the piece. … Read the rest

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This Week’s Art: Expulsion – Moon and Firelight

This is Thomas Cole’s Expulsion – Moon and Firelight (1828, Oil on canvas, 35 7/8 in x 47 7/8 in), one of those pieces that I find very inspiring.  It’s a bit different than the images by Cole that I normally cite (like his Course of the Empire series, check out, but it’s an interesting piece.

It reminds me of the modern fantasy works, as if we are peering into Cole’s magical, unique world.  Despite there not being a human element, which is most often found in his work, Cole offers up a dynamic, powerful image that grabs you and doesn’t let go. … Read the rest

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