New acrylic painting: Selene at Bonifacio

A few months ago, a former graphic design client of mine asked me to do a traditional painting for her, something she could give away as a present. She had been on a long trip to the Mediterranean, and wanted to repay her hosts with something more than just a “thank you” card.

I thought it would be a good challenge, and something that I might learn a lot from, so I said yes. This would be something radically different from my normal works. No monsters, nothing creepy. In fact, it needed to be bright, inviting, and quite detailed in the accuracy of both the region and the yacht that carried them for the week.… Read the rest

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Portland, Oregon

I just returned from a very long trip to Portland, and I snapped a few pics for the website. As always, if you have any comments just let me know on my MySpace or LiveJournal.

I like old signs, especially the faded ones on the sides of buildings:

I also have a tendency to experiment with photos, here are a couple of duotones and one that’s a little more involved:

I also had a lucky shot at the local wildlife with the slowest camera on the earth:

Finally, here are a couple of other architectural shots. … Read the rest

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This Week’s Art: Skeletons Warming Themselves

I’m back from a long, long trip to Washington, D.C., with this week’s new art piece. As always, let me know what you think of the art.

This is James Ensor’s Skeletons Warming Themselves (1889, oil, 30″ x 24″), one of the pieces that I’ve been lucky enough to see in person at a museum.  This work can be seen (or was last year at least) at the Kimball Museum in Fort Worth, Texas.

It caught my eye immediately as I was wandering the halls of the museum (which I was doing slowly anyway, since it was 102 degrees outside). … Read the rest

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