This Week’s Art: Rising of the Bones


This is Gustave Dore’s Rising of the Bones (aka, Vision of the Valley of the Dry Bones, 1865, engraving), a masterwork by one of the greatest engravers and artists that I’ve yet come across.

When I started being an artist, there were certain works and creators that I was really influenced by.  Artists like Michael Whelan, and Frank Miller, and maybe none more than Dore.  Most of my first works were scratchboard or pen & ink, and to look at Dore’s works was to see everything that I wanted to do.… Read the rest

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This Week’s Art: Still Waters

This is Rob Gonsalves’ Still Waters, truly an impressive piece of art.  It’s one of the most interesting styles I’ve seen, and it’s fascinating to look at.

I’ve always loved the unique visions of artists like Magritte and Escher, who seem to be able to easily twist reality and yet keep beauty intact. Gonsalves has certainly done that here, and the technique is described on sites featuring his work as “magic realism”.  I think that’s a great tag for it, it’s art that is completely real if you are looking at either part separately, and as a whole is still seemingly connected despite its differences.… Read the rest

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