Original art is always better than a reproduction

The transcendent experience of seeing an original piece of art in a museum is substantially better than any reproduction could possibly be. Seeing the original artwork in a museum offers reflection, education, and admiration that a reproduction can not provide. The unique crafting of the original artwork piques interest for further works by the artist, and similar artists and movements, far more than any reproduction can match. This article was originally written for my classwork with CSU-Global, a portfolio project. I have adapted it from a strict APA style to a more web-friendly style.
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Seeing it in real life: Church’s The Icebergs

Awhile back (and by “awhile back” I mean “over a year ago”) I wrote an art blog of Frederic Edwin Church’s beautiful painting called The Icebergs (check out the blog here… I”ll wait.)

I won’t bore you with the specs again (I’ll be boring you with other ways now), but seeing it in person I realized what the specs actually mean.


The Icebergs, it turns out, is a really, really big painting.

Not the largest I’ve seen for sure (a Rembrandt holds that record), but nevertheless this is a very large painting. … Read the rest

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Russ’ Art Blog: The Wadsworth Atheneum

I don’t often get to art museums, so I make the most of it when a chance comes up (save for the Denver Art Museum, which is only an hour away). I think, though books and the web can certainly show you art you’ve never seen before, that being in the museum in person gives you such a different view of things.

In this case, on the aforementioned trip to Hartford, Connecticut, I was lucky enough to get time to visit the Wadsworth Atheneum, a beautiful art museum with some wonderful works of art.… Read the rest

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Photos from New Mexico

I’m still getting settled into our new house, but I thought I’d best post something (just so no one thinks I died or anything).

These photos were taken on our trip to New Mexico in May, and I thought they turned out pretty well.  These in particular are from Santa Fe, though we went a few other places too.

Hopefully there will be some new art posted before too long as well, keep your fingers crossed.

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