New Ink Card: Aknot

Now, I’m not sure how many will know who Aknot is, but let’s just say I enjoyed making the ink card (5″ x 7″, ink on 140 lb. Cold Press as usual) and leave it at that.

Ok, I guess I can let you know. Aknot is a warrior/creature that appears in the wildly underrated film The Fifth Element. I thought he would be a fun creature to try, and one that’s a bit more challenging.

I think there are two parts to that challenge. First, whenever I start these inks I always prefer to have a solid, sharp place to start at.… Read the rest

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Sketchcard the second: Pacal

Here’s the second of the sketchcards that I’ll have at the gallery, starting tomorrow night.  They are fun, and they are also helping me get back into the swing of things with inkwork.

This one is of a mask/sculpture of Pacal, the Mayan ruler of Palenque. I think inks are fun to do, and years ago I remember enjoying them a lot.  I think they will be nice things to sell as original art pieces as well.

This one is also 5″ x 7″, as the gargoyle from yesterday was. The first version is more or less how it looks in person.… Read the rest

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