New Acrylic Painting: Ravenesque

While working on a far larger painting, one that’s taking much longer, I decided to do a smaller painting. I had to wait for the larger one to dry anyway, so slipping in a small one was something I could work out.

I’ve been thinking of doing continual, small paintings of different ideas that I’ve had. For one, I might be able to put them up for sale, giving folks the opportunity to own a less expensive original painting (ignoring the inexpensive prints I sell, of course). Also, I get the chance to do smaller, one-off kind of ideas that might not really need a large painting to get across.… Read the rest

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Updated: New Acrylic Painting “Haven”

Much of the time, I get an idea for a piece of art and I start in on it. But every so often, I have the start of an idea, and I let it take off from there and it ends up wherever it feels like.

This is one of those paintings.

Now, to be fair, with all of the acrylics, I’ve tried to lay off forcing it to go into a specific direction. It’s an experiment, and the only way I’ll learn is to try. Whether I succeed or not, and have truly created “art”, is up to someone else.… Read the rest

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Seeing it in real life: Church’s The Icebergs

Awhile back (and by “awhile back” I mean “over a year ago”) I wrote an art blog of Frederic Edwin Church’s beautiful painting called The Icebergs (check out the blog here… I”ll wait.)

I won’t bore you with the specs again (I’ll be boring you with other ways now), but seeing it in person I realized what the specs actually mean.


The Icebergs, it turns out, is a really, really big painting.

Not the largest I’ve seen for sure (a Rembrandt holds that record), but nevertheless this is a very large painting. … Read the rest

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Russ’ Art Blog: The Wadsworth Atheneum

I don’t often get to art museums, so I make the most of it when a chance comes up (save for the Denver Art Museum, which is only an hour away). I think, though books and the web can certainly show you art you’ve never seen before, that being in the museum in person gives you such a different view of things.

In this case, on the aforementioned trip to Hartford, Connecticut, I was lucky enough to get time to visit the Wadsworth Atheneum, a beautiful art museum with some wonderful works of art.… Read the rest

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Russ’s Art Blog: Seeing it in real life – Pollice Verso

I don’t get to art museums and galleries enough, but it can really give you a different impression of a piece of art.  In this case, last week I was at the Phoenix Art Museum and saw the piece here, Pollice Verso (Thumbs Down) by Jean Leon Gerome (oil, 1872, 38″ x 59″).

First off, I do like the piece overall.  I think it has a good use of color, a very nice balance in composition and a good use of the light and dark shades to create a good contrast. … Read the rest

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