Creating a cover from scratch: Ray Garton’s Vortex

Despite the bad way that my year is going, I still manage to get some great projects by some wonderful authors. Case in point, I was given the chance to work on author Ray Garton‘s new book, Vortex, out soon from Cemetery Dance. It’s a great honor not only to work with one of Ray’s stories, but to work with an always helpful and constructive publisher like Cemetery Dance as well.

For the cover, I wanted something that showed the main characters. The trick of it was, the creature of the book was both a character the reader has sympathy for,  yet still very violent.… Read the rest

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The part where I destroy a book

Ok, technically I’m not breaking a book. But I am being rude to it.

Some time ago, I started getting an idea that it might be fun to take one of my contributor copies, of some of the books I’ve created art for, and add new ink art throughout. The idea came about because one of my most known books, Night Visions 12, did not end up with the interior art inside it. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to find a way to add it back in.

Now, in the case of Night Visions 12, I can only find my one copy.… Read the rest

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From start to finish: The Cover of Brian Keene’s Scratch

I like seeing how art evolves, from the beginning of the thumbnail sketches all the way through the final product. I think you can literally see an artist’s though processes as they work through issues, try new things, and complete what their vision is.

In my case, it might be more like watching chaos unfold in front of you.

I created a video/slideshow of my cover art for author Brian Keene‘s novella Scratch, which was recently released by Cemetery Dance Publications. It hopefully shows the genesis from the initial thumbnail sketch through the final product, and as always let me know what you think.… Read the rest

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My art for Brian Keene’s novella Scratch

I’ve been very anxious to show everyone this, and now, upon the release of the novella, I can do just that. Below I’ve attached a number of pieces of art that I did for author Brian Keene’s book Scratch, just released from Cemetery Dance Publications.

Scratch, if you don’t follow Keene’s work (and his followers are Legion), is the story of a giant snake. One that gives our characters quite a bad time.

I have to say, working on such an in-depth and extensive project was a daunting idea at first.… Read the rest

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