Creating the ink art: The Mouth of Sauron

I’m fascinated by creatures of all sorts, especially those that are a bit on the creepy side. Case in point, “The Mouth of Sauron”, featured in the extended edition of the film The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

In case you haven’t seen the extended versions of the LOTR trilogy (which you should, they are fantastic), here’s a YouTube link of just that scene in the film. Of course, if you haven’t seen the film, there is certainly a bit of spoiler here, so if you’d rather watch the full film first please do.… Read the rest

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The end of the sketchbook

In the last few years, I’ve done something regularly that I hadn’t in the previous years. I’ve started to complete full sketchbooks, with some kind of art on every page.

I’ve noticed that it’s a good time to go back and look through it, to see how things went over time. In this case, this sketchbook was started in June of 2010, and the last image was sketched in it today. Over that time it’s seen all kinds of sketches, from loose practice ideas, to sketches for published projects, and plenty of goofy items.… Read the rest

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A fun new idea: artists posting at 10 am every day

Being on Twitter (quite often) gives me the chance to see what other artists are up to, and the kinds of projects that they work on. Case in point, yesterday Eric Orchard posted one of his sketches, and the idea came up that it would be fun if a bunch of artists decided to get together and post their own works in progress, at a certain time every day.

So today, we started doing just that.

Today we’ve had a good response, artists posting on Twitter under the hashtag “#10oclockart” as it gets to 10 am their time.… Read the rest

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The End of the first Moleskine

Last year, I offered up a post on the small Moleskine sketchbook that I picked up (last July, check it out here). Since then, I’ve managed to fill it completely up, and move onto a new one. As an artist that likes to share (just catch me in real life, I never shut up), I thought I’d post a few more highlights from the last bit of Moleskine work.

Now, the Moleskine for me has been a very useful thing. It’s not something that the art is finished on, so please don’t judge me on that.… Read the rest

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From start to finish: The Cover of Brian Keene’s Scratch

I like seeing how art evolves, from the beginning of the thumbnail sketches all the way through the final product. I think you can literally see an artist’s though processes as they work through issues, try new things, and complete what their vision is.

In my case, it might be more like watching chaos unfold in front of you.

I created a video/slideshow of my cover art for author Brian Keene‘s novella Scratch, which was recently released by Cemetery Dance Publications. It hopefully shows the genesis from the initial thumbnail sketch through the final product, and as always let me know what you think.… Read the rest

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Sketchy McSketch-Sketch

I’ve been trying to sketch quite a bit more lately, I agree with the mantra “Draw! Draw! Draw!”.  It’s been difficult in the past to make time for sketching, especially when I have other (paying) projects going on.

I think it’s an important step to learning though, and I want to be a far better artist so it’s time to practice more.  The image above is a sampling of some of the sketches I’ve done.  Upon looking at them, it’s fairly obvious that I have quite a chaotic mind.

As a footnote, the “cartoony” characters are a means to an end. … Read the rest

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