Life influencing art, scaring the bejesus out of me

Earlier this week, author Ray Garton (who’s awesome, and you should read all his stories) asked on one of the social networks (the blue one) about sleep paralysis.

For those who aren’t familiar with the phenomenon, sleep paralysis, also known as night terrors, is perhaps the scariest thing you could ever imagine. You wake up in the middle of the night, completely locked into place. You can’t move anything, you can’t be heard by anyone else if you decide to scream, and all you can move is your eyes.

Also, as a bonus feature, you have an overriding fear of someone or something just barely outside of your sight.… Read the rest

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Night Terrors: Something to avoid

This article popped up on iO9 today (check it out here), all about “night terrors”. Go ahead and read it, and come on back. 

My turn? Well, to start off, here’s a gif from the comments in that article that might perfectly tell you what night terrors are:


Yeah, they really are just like that.

That’s from one of the Grudge movies (#3, I think), and that feeling of creepiness you feel looking at it is magnified by a billion when you actually have a night terror.

For the uninitiated (lucky bastards), night terrors also go by the name “sleep paralysis”.… Read the rest

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New Ink Art and Alphabeast: N is for Nightgaunt

A few different ideas went through my head when it came to the “nightgaunt”, for my latest Alphabeast. For those that don’t know, a nightgaunt is a creature that is present during night terrors.

Now, night terrors are the worst thing in all the world. Frightening, to the point that getting a night terror affects you for many days after. If you haven’t had one, then good for you. If you have, you have my sympathies. I’ve endured them all of my life.

A night terror (also called “sleep paralysis”)  is when you wake up, but you aren’t fully awake yet.… Read the rest

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