My art for Brian Keene’s novella Scratch

I’ve been very anxious to show everyone this, and now, upon the release of the novella, I can do just that. Below I’ve attached a number of pieces of art that I did for author Brian Keene’s book Scratch, just released from Cemetery Dance Publications.

Scratch, if you don’t follow Keene’s work (and his followers are Legion), is the story of a giant snake. One that gives our characters quite a bad time.

I have to say, working on such an in-depth and extensive project was a daunting idea at first.… Read the rest

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Photoshop: fun with warping

My good friend Kirk Alberts suggested making my blog partly about design and art techniques, so I thought I’d give it a try.  This one’s on Photoshop’s Warp abilities.

One thing I missed from using Corel PhotoPaint all the time was the warp abilities that Photopaint had.  There were certainly ways around that in Photoshop, and maybe I just missed other easier ways.  It might have been that I didn’t like how they worked.  But I use it quite a bit in CS3, and it’s fantastic.

One thing I do a lot is use textures. … Read the rest

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