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Teller of stories
Nautilus pilot
Artist of fine works & illustrations
Trapper of Manticores
Designer of print and media
Liopleurodon skull grinder
63rd man on the moon (estimated)
Secret Lair: Shell Beach

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Bachelor of Science in Communication
Colorado State University

Awards of Completion:

  • Applying Leadership & Communication Strategies For The Global Marketplace
  • Effective Communication In The 21st Century

Knowledge and Experience:

  • Proposal, article, technical, and academic writing
  • Social media and community involvement
  • Intercultural and diversity communications
  • Strategic communication and ethics
  • Leadership and team dynamics
  • Writing and revise support documents
  • Create across multiple media platforms
  • Research and verify facts

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This Week’s Art: Arnold Böcklin

Here’s another week of art commentary, please let me know your thoughts on the art or other comments, and I will be posting this on my MySpace as well.

This is Arnold Bocklin’s Self-portrait with Death Playing the Fiddle (oil on canvas, 1872). I like alot of Bocklin’s work, and I’m becoming a big fan of the Symbolist movement as well probably because of his work.

There is a nice sense of story to this piece, especially in the man’s interest in what the spectre is saying (or playing on the fiddle).… Read the rest

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The Return of This Week’s Art

I’ve thought about it, and not only are these posts fun but they help me grow as an artist.  In it, I pick an image from past art and give out my thoughts on it.  I’m not really an expert (though I have actually had the classes), and what I say is merely how I feel about the work.

Please let me know your thoughts on the art or other comments, and I will also be posting this on my MySpace blog as well. So, without further ado, here is the first of the new incarnation of This Week’s Art.… Read the rest

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The light at the end of the tunnel

If things go according to plan, I'll have the vast majority of current projects off my plate once and for all within a couple of weeks.  That includes a Flash game, a programming gig (ick), and my very first sequential arc. 

I'm just about done with the short seven page graphic story, one which I'm past deadline on.  It's been a real challenge, but in the end it might help me find who I really am as an artist.  The story uses two different styles, an illustrated reality for what's currently happening, and a more abstract/digital style for the flashbacks.  It's been fun, but now I really know what I have to work on to get better at this.… Read the rest

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Book Review: American Gods

As an avid comic reader, it would be difficult not to hear of Neil Gaiman’s stories. Somehow, though, with the hundreds of comics that I have (possibly thousands, but too hard to count in a box under the bed), I have yet to pick up a comic by Gaiman. After reading his latest novel American Gods, I’ll be rethinking that decision. Through the small press world I had heard of Gaiman’s other pastime, novels. Knowing of his work from the comic world, I had been looking for a book by him.… Read the rest

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