Sketching every day


I’ve made a conscious effort to sketch every day, even if it’s something small, in the last two weeks.  I now have 13 sketches up on my new Flickr page, and I find it interesting to look back and already see the diversity of what I’m sketching.

I decided when I started sketching this set that I just wanted to let the pencil run free, and not try to reign it in. I have other works of art and projects in motion that require specific things, but with these sketches I just wanted to let my imagination take me on the ride.

So far, it really has been a very diverse set of sketches.  From humor to horror, specific ideas to loose lines, it’s been fun to play.  I think as an artist that’s important, especially when you do have clients and projects.  It’s easy to forget why you are an artist, and that you need your own time and your own imagination to play with.

Go check out the Flickr page, and by all means let me know what you think.  Even on the disturbing ones.

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