Diabetes, Depression, and Strange Psychology

Over the years, I've written a fair amount about the depression I fight with (example). It's a gray shadow that follows me through life, and when I was diagnosed with diabetes in May I thought that the darkness would really set in very hard. But it didn't.
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Mother's Bistro, Portland

Diabetes: Restaurant Nutrition

Finding the nutrition contained in a restaurant's meal can be tricky for diabetics, but often using an app can help. If an app can't find the information, often nutritional values can be found on the restaurant's website.
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Skinny Pop

Diabetic Diets Part One: At Home

As a diabetic, it is important to always consider a proper diet and the right foods. With diabetes, different foods cause different reactions in the body, so keeping an eye on carbs and calories is a constant requirement.
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My Fitness Pal

Diabetes and the Analytical Brain

Here are the apps I currently use on my Android phone to track my diabetic data. I also detail the spreadsheet I use to track everything, and the charts that make it easier to instantly see trends related to the data.
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