Photography: Toying with lightning

In my path to learning more about photography, I’m keeping my art sense in mind when I shoot things. The big idea behind much of my art is to simply try new things, to experiment with new methods. Along those lines, I decided to try shooting some lightning.

Conveniently, there was an angry storm outside, so my idea was timed pretty well.

I set up the tripod just inside the back door, with my Canon T3i mounted on top. Having (unsuccessfully) tried to shoot the moon, I figured similar settings would be a good idea (failure is how I decide on good ideas).… Read the rest

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Photography: Of Flowers and Camera RAW

As with art, writing, and everything else that I do, I like to experiment. Often, that experimentation is very raw, very chaotic, and can lead to fascinating places. Other times, the experimentation is more clear, more precise, and still leads to interesting places.

In this case, I wanted to try taking some shots of the flowers in our backyard. It was a chance to work more with photography, to try and understand all of the nuances that go into taking a good picture. On the flip side, it also meant that I could work with Camera RAW, something that I’ve been getting very interested in.… Read the rest

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