Short Fiction: Blind Notions

“It will save her life, right?”

Marnie let the desperation in her question plead for her and her daughter Marisa. She sat on the floor, holding Marisa and hoping that this last resort would work.

Dr. Jackson hesitated before he answered, trying to come up with a delicate answer. “The nanites will clear Marisa’s cancer, and will fix the damage. But there’s a strong possibility that they won’t stop with just fixing it. Nanites work at a molecular level, perpetually pulling materials from the bloodstream.”

Jackson paused, looking down at Marisa’s striking green eyes.… Read the rest

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Fiction: The Gears Stopped


“I’m telling you, it’s the Canites”, Marko said. He tore off his helmet, tossing it on the floor in front of his panel. “The prophets warned us! The reports from the other side said–”

“Calm down!”, the magistrate said. “Remember your discipline, or I’ll have you run out of here like a temperamental child!”

Marko immediately turned red, embarrassed that he’d let his emotions run so high. He turned to look back at the magistrate, hoping he wasn’t in trouble. He tried to see any register of emotion through the magistrate’s mask, but couldn’t.… Read the rest

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Fiction: The Body In The Window



The cool night air pushed tendrils of blood down her side, a tickle she’d never feel.

She was lying over the windowsill, the broken glass still working its way into her flesh. She’d only been dead a few minutes, but the killer was long gone. He rabbited out of there the second he heard us coming up the stairs, leaving just the stink of his cheap whiskey and her body as evidence he was ever there.

The killer’s footprint was still on her back, a cold sign of a desperate man using the still-warm corpse for his escape.… Read the rest

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Fiction: Like leaves in the wind


“I don’t know why they aren’t moving”, Michael said angrily. “Why can’t you just listen to me?”

He looked around again at the frozen figures, defying any of them to move. But they wouldn’t, no matter how many times he pushed or hit them or screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Let’s just calm down a bit, Michael”, she said. “If we can just stay calm, we’ll figure it out.” He seemed to be heading for a meltdown, and all she could do was try to bring him down, to try and get him back to whatever reality this is now.… Read the rest

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Fiction: A question of reality


He opened his eyes, and remembered the sound of dying. It wasn’t a big crash, or a scream, or even a whimper. It was the steady sound of dripping, coming from behind him.

Miles shook his head to loose the cobwebs inside. He had fallen asleep at his computer again, and as he raised his head he saw the contents of his monitor. He was still on that science page, the one talking about new chaos theories. The dripping sound awoke him, a sound he’d been hearing for a few days now.… Read the rest

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