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This Week’s Art

Cashmere; John Singer Sargent

This Week’s Art: Processions in the art of John Singer Sargent

As I was looking at John Singer Sargent’s work, in anticipation of writing today’s article about his wonderful “Cashmere” painting below, I started looking at many of his other works. Now, that’s not at all unusual, I find myself leaping down the rabbit hole when it comes to art most of the time, and looking at Sargent’s art definitely piques my interest.

As I was admiring his detailed, and yet impressionistic, strokes, I started to notice differences in how Sargent dealt with a procession of people. “Cashmere” has been a favorite of mine for a long time, but seeing his techniques and ideas evolve over time became more interesting than just another discussion of the cool art of the moment.… Read the rest

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David Roberts, Front elevation of the Great Temple of Aboosimble Nubia

This Week’s Art: David Roberts’ Great Temple of Aboosimble Nubia

There are certainly artistic sways to and fro, but his accuracy is truly astonishing. Roberts not only captured the sense of being there, but accurately captured the details as well. He used time honored tricks for showing scale as well, such as the fine folks shown in the close-up below. They don't seem very interested in being so close to these epic statues, I guess that's not the reaction I would have personally.
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Bashi-Bazouk, Jean-Léon Gérôme

This Week’s Art: Gérôme’s “Bashi Bazouk”

When I talk about art, and believe me that’s pretty much every day of my life, I often touch on the things that I really love about particular pieces. Sometimes it’s composition, or texture, even just a color within the piece. Sometimes I get very technical with it, often it probably comes across more like, “I dun like it lots.”

But sometimes there are those few pieces where there is something more, something that exceeds what is normally given. Take Bashi Bazouk for example. Portraits are a dime a dozen, and much like landscape watercolors here in the western U.S.… Read the rest

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Colorado State University

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  • Applying Leadership & Communication Strategies For The Global Marketplace
  • Effective Communication In The 21st Century

Knowledge and Experience:

  • Proposal, article, technical, and academic writing
  • Social media and community involvement
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My Resume

Below is my current resume as of August 2017. I have nearly 20 years of experience behind me across many industries and types of projects, and that experience continues to change. I try to update my resume often, not only for different positions but in favor of different aspects of my expertise. My full resume is a much longer document with a curriculum vitae, and this one is designed to be an overview of my long career and expertise.

My full resume is a much longer document with a curriculum vitae, and this one is designed to be an overview of my long career and expertise.… Read the rest

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Falwell-Hustler Magazine Print Ad

Parody: Legal, Ethical and Organizational Communication in Landmark Court Cases

Parody has been a part of media and entertainment for centuries, with seemingly few public figures escaping notice. Parody and satire, particularly in politics and with public figures, dates back at least to a political cartoon by Benjamin Franklin from 1754, predating the United States as a country7. From political caricatures and books of the 19th century, through the Keystone Cops and comedy films of the 20th century, parody has been a vital part of American culture. Even in just the past few months, television shows such as Saturday Night Live featured acerbic parodies of public figures such as President Donald Trump.… Read the rest

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Coursework: 5 Unique Tools To Take Control Of Your Paintings

Artist April McConn looked out the window of her studio, taking in the flat landscape of the Colorado plains as she started her new painting of ancient Rome. McConn has spent the last two years creating popular paintings of life in the Roman empire, despite not having access to the massive architecture the Romans are known for. McConn faces the challenges each day of painting with realism and accuracy, with only the reference models she finds or creates.

McConn and other artists have learned to use unique, often unexpected tools as references for things that either no longer exist or never have.… Read the rest

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The 13th Warrior

Intercultural Relationships and Film: The 13th Warrior

Halfway through the 1999 film The 13th Warrior, the Northmen’s much-feared serpent of fire is seen in the distance, working its way around the mountain towards them. One of the Northmen bangs a gong to warn the villagers, and as the villagers seek shelter the stranger among them, an Arab named Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan, starts to believe that maybe the mythological dragon could be real after all. Ibn Fahdlan races towards a small girl trapped near the head of the dragon, and as he reaches her he sees that it is not a dragon, but hundreds of cavalry with torches.… Read the rest

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Crocodile Dundee

Stereotypes and Film: Crocodile Dundee

As a parent, one of the things we encourage our children to do is to take in entertainment from various time periods, including books, music, and movies. One of the older films we watched recently was the 1986 film Crocodile Dundee, a comedy featuring an Australian man from the Outback and the female news reporter from New York City who shares adventures with him. Viewing the film after 30 years, it also features a laundry list of stereotypes from the mid-1980’s, including the stereotypes of the Hispanic maid, the affluent New Yorkers and their high style of living, and African-Americans as either chauffeurs or gang members.… Read the rest

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Creating Fan Art: The Artist’s Perspective

It is truly interesting that fan art is this week’s topic, since it is something I am not only intimately familiar with as an illustrator, but this week my freelance life centers around that very idea. One of the things I enjoy doing is interviewing the cover artists for Apex Magazine, and I am sending several this week. Fan art questions often come up with those artists, who create fan art for various reasons. Along with that, I am also working on a piece of fan art this week, in the hopes that it will be published later this year in a book filled with art based on the 1982 film The Thing.… Read the rest

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Local Communities Should Offer Makerspaces

Imagine for a moment that a visually impaired teenager has an interest in building a marble machine, where a small marble can roll down a series of pieces connected to a wall, landing in a cup at the bottom. This project would take materials that the teenager does not have, with knowledge he cannot easily learn by himself, and without the space at home to even try. He has the intelligence to learn it, and the will to try out new things. But he simply does not have the resources available to him to follow his ideas to their fruition.… Read the rest

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Original art is always better than a reproduction

The transcendent experience of seeing an original piece of art in a museum is substantially better than any reproduction could possibly be. Seeing the original artwork in a museum offers reflection, education, and admiration that a reproduction can not provide. The unique crafting of the original artwork piques interest for further works by the artist, and similar artists and movements, far more than any reproduction can match. This article was originally written for my classwork with CSU-Global, a portfolio project. I have adapted it from a strict APA style to a more web-friendly style.
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7 of my favorite films, and why

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen quite a few posts online about favorite things. Seven favorite television shows, fifteen most influential authors, that kind of thing. The problem I usually have is that my favorites change constantly, thanks to the chaotic mind I’ve been dealt.

So, instead of merely popping out a list of favorites, I thought I’d write about why these seven films are among my favorites. I could never list out my absolute favorites, that changes all the time. Not just because something new comes along, either.… Read the rest

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Diabetes, Depression, and Strange Psychology

Over the years, I've written a fair amount about the depression I fight with (example). It's a gray shadow that follows me through life, and when I was diagnosed with diabetes in May I thought that the darkness would really set in very hard. But it didn't.

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Day 91: Diabetes Doctor Visit Follow-Up

After about 90 days, I was scheduled to have both another blood test and another doctor's visit to see how my adaptations to the diabetic life were working out. I simply hoped that my numbers were on the right track.

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Diabetes: Restaurant Nutrition

Finding the nutrition contained in a restaurant's meal can be tricky for diabetics, but often using an app can help. If an app can't find the information, often nutritional values can be found on the restaurant's website.

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Diabetic Diets Part One: At Home

As a diabetic, it is important to always consider a proper diet and the right foods. With diabetes, different foods cause different reactions in the body, so keeping an eye on carbs and calories is a constant requirement.

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Diabetes and the Analytical Brain

Here are the apps I currently use on my Android phone to track my diabetic data. I also detail the spreadsheet I use to track everything, and the charts that make it easier to instantly see trends related to the data.

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Day One: The Diabetes Diagnosis and Instant Life Change

My doctor knew immediately on seeing my test results that I had Type 2 Diabetes. Everything in my life since is completely different. This is day one of my new life.

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