Short Fiction: Snips



He was getting angry, though he knew he shouldn’t let her get to him. For the sixty third time this month June had said no to his advances, and she went quickly to sleep. He watched her now as she slept, the top of one foot sneaking out from under the covers.

He turned and went back into the bathroom. I might as well get something done tonight, he thought, sitting down on the toilet. He reached into the cup next to the sink and grabbed out the nail cutters. Ten years of marriage and my excitement is clipping nails.

As he tried to decide which toe was first, he felt the remnants of his earlier arousal. He pushed it back down, and crossed his legs to bring his foot up within reach. Which piggie is first, he wondered.

He reached in with the clippers, ready to start on the big toe. He closed his eyes and sighed before he pressed. Yet another fun night, he thought. He quickly squeezed the clippers together without opening his eyes, a sharp pain flying up his leg and seemingly right into his heart.

Damnit!” he cried, not caring if he woke up June. He dropped the clippers, holding his big toe in one fist as an icy pain took told. It felt like he had clipped half the toe off, and he slowly opened his fist. A tiny drop of blood oozed out from under the partially severed nail, otherwise his toe was still in one piece.

He grabbed hold of his toe again with his fist and held on, noticing something else when he squeezed the toe. His arousal was in full force again, no longer a past dream. He sat there, astonished, torn between pain and pleasure. The wheels of his mind began to turn.

Maybe I’m on to something”, he murmured under his breath.

He leaned over, picking up the clippers from the floor, and brought his big toe up again. Positioning the clippers to the left of his first try, he tightly squeezed the clippers together. A wave of pain and nausea swept him, but there it was again. A feeling of euphoria just under the pain.

He let the wave recede a bit before he leaned in for another toe. He stopped himself before he could, as June’s foot caught his eye. He could see it from where he was in the bathroom, leaning over towards his foot.

He stood up, bringing the clippers up into the light a little better. He brushed off the nail that was stuck in it, smearing blood around the blade a bit. He looked again at June’s foot, and then at the clippers.

June groggily started to awake, feeling someone touching her. “I think I can get us in the mood,” Mark said, now sitting next to her. She felt a soft hand on her breast, and a pressure on the nipple. She heard one last thing before she started screaming.



Copyright 2013 Russell Dickerson, All Rights Reserved.



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