Feng shui it’s not


I was asked while at a gallery over the weekend what my artist’s studio/office looks like, and if I’m comfortable in it.  It’s an interesting question, the environment in which we create the things that we do.

I love seeing other artist’s studios, it gives me a sense of where someone’s coming from.  They run the whole gamut too, from clinically clean to folks who should be on that “Hoarders” show on TV.  I guess I’m somewhere in between, which says as much about me as a person as anything else would.

I have a chaotic mind, something that I’m not sure comes across in my art.  While my work isn’t really clinical, there is a certain simplicity to it, an order that seems to have chaos lurking behind it.

Below I’ve posted a series of shots of the whole office, and I’ve pointed out a few things here and there.  It’s also our guest room, which gives me a great chance to scare the bejesus out of our guests (life has its little pleasures). I also decided that, instead of cleaning it up and making it look pretty, it’s pretty much how I work in here most of the time.

The four shots go around the room from left to right, starting with the north wall.

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