The End of the first Moleskine


Last year, I offered up a post on the small Moleskine sketchbook that I picked up (last July, check it out here). Since then, I’ve managed to fill it completely up, and move onto a new one. As an artist that likes to share (just catch me in real life, I never shut up), I thought I’d post a few more highlights from the last bit of Moleskine work.

Now, the Moleskine for me has been a very useful thing. It’s not something that the art is finished on, so please don’t judge me on that. Rather, it’s a handy thing to have for working out ideas, sketching quick practice thoughts, and overall just to have to get something out of my head.

On occasion, those sketches lead somewhere else. In fact, some of my recent Maelstrom/Thunderstorm Books work started out in the Moleskine. I could grab it and head off to lunch, and get an idea or two out in a few minutes.

So, without further ado, here are a few choice selections. This first one was an idea I had for an acrylic painting, something dark and nasty of course. In this case, the zombie woman would be on one side, and I would’ve used a textured paste on the other half.

Next up are a few ideas I had for the Frank Frazetta Tribute I wanted to do, but ultimately didn’t have time for. It was definitely one of those times in art where real life comes and trounces whatever ideas I have for projects. Still, I might revisit them someday.

The left side of the lower one is an idea I have for an acrylic painting, one I might get to just yet. It has to do with the idea of fate, and the ancient thought that they are strings that are cut at our inevitable end.

Finally, the very last image in the Moleskine. It’s of Poe’s title character Hop-Frog, and I may try to do an ink piece of the idea. I have lots of Poe ideas, it sure would be nice to get to some of them.

It’s also a great example page of what the Moleskine has been great at, putting the entire idea on paper. The original idea of Hop-Frog on the left, the eight ourang-outangs (yes that’s proper spelling–read a book people), and the small idea for the layout of the entire piece. If I do go back to reference the page, now I see all of the elements of the idea that I had, not just the part that’s the coolest (coolest for me anyway).

Here’s the inside cover of the new one. I think personalizing that is important, that way if it gets picked up “accidentally” I can claim it. Also, sometimes people make nice comments.

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