Content Article: Considering the long term health effects of your furniture

Buying new furniture can be a lengthy process, and a lot of thought goes into to purchasing the right pieces for your home. The comfort of the furniture, color, structure, the look and feel, the list of things to consider can get pretty long.

What can occasionally be forgotten about in the process are the long-term effects of owning a piece of furniture, especially from the health side. We are often more interested in how a piece looks now, and how it works for us today, over how it was manufactured or the origin of the materials.… Read the rest

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Content Article: Finding the right furniture for you

It can be fun and exciting to buy new furniture. You’re bringing something into your home that you love, that will become a part of your life. But buying furniture isn’t always easy, there are many things to consider before your purchase is complete.

First, before you even get to the style of the furniture, you have to decide what the overall idea behind it is. For example, some modern dining room furniture is designed to be the showpiece for your home. These are the stylish pieces that light up a room, the pieces that you want everyone coming to your home to see.… Read the rest

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Content Article: Why natural and sustainable terms are important for your home

When you are buying items for your home, whether it’s furniture, or bedding, even flooring, you want them to be of the highest quality. You also want them to be safe and healthy for your family.

We talk about “organic” and “natural”, and even that products are classified by how healthy they are. But what do those terms and ideas really mean?

Haiku DesignsThis article was originally written for my position at lifestyle and furniture retailer Haiku Designs. Go check them out here, they are great folks.

At their base elements, these ideas simply explain how items are manufactured, what materials they use, and what chemicals they might have inside.… Read the rest

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Book Review: American Gods

As an avid comic reader, it would be difficult not to hear of Neil Gaiman’s stories. Somehow, though, with the hundreds of comics that I have (possibly thousands, but too hard to count in a box under the bed), I have yet to pick up a comic by Gaiman. After reading his latest novel American Gods, I’ll be rethinking that decision. Through the small press world I had heard of Gaiman’s other pastime, novels. Knowing of his work from the comic world, I had been looking for a book by him.… Read the rest

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