A fun new idea: artists posting at 10 am every day

Being on Twitter (quite often) gives me the chance to see what other artists are up to, and the kinds of projects that they work on. Case in point, yesterday Eric Orchard posted one of his sketches, and the idea came up that it would be fun if a bunch of artists decided to get together and post their own works in progress, at a certain time every day.

So today, we started doing just that.

Today we’ve had a good response, artists posting on Twitter under the hashtag “#10oclockart” as it gets to 10 am their time.… Read the rest

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Seeing it in a museum

I think it’s important as an artist to look at a lot of art, and in fact I love nothing more than to flip through the many art books I have on the shelf. Seeing different styles, different techniques, and just appreciating what others have done is a great way to learn more about art, and to think about doing it better.

Books are great, but to really see a painting I also think it’s important to get to museums. Seeing the real art in person gives you a different look, something that books just can’t do.… Read the rest

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Russ’s Art Blog: Artist Gregory Manchess

This week, I’m talking about artist Gregory Manchess (www.manchess.com), one of those artists who seems to be able to fit into any genre. Whether it’s work for movies or television, books or magazines, or even just fine art, Manchess has a great ability to capture different ideas in interesting and exciting ways.

If you happen to see the latest National Geographic Magazine in the store (February 2008), you’re getting a look at Manchess’ work.  Along with the cover, Manchess created artwork for the lead story, on the black pharaohs of Egypt.… Read the rest

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