Rime of the Ancient Mariner

This Week’s Art: Dore’s Death, Life-In-Death, and the Ancient Mariner

I read a lot of poems, and one of my very favorite poems is The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. It’s a dream made for an illustrator, filled with such great visions, and it’s probably one of the reasons that it’s been a popular poem for so long. I have a Dover edition of the poem featuring Gustave Dore’s engravings, 42 of them, which I love to look at.

Of all of the great images in the book, my favorite is the scene where Death and Life-In-Death are playing a game of dice for the souls of those on board.… Read the rest

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Poetry: yearning of old


I yearn for the days of old.
I look to the hills
for adventure and glory.

I look to the seas
to fight the good fight.
To dash to and fro
fighting my way
through the day.

I look to the deserts
barreling fiercely
on my strong steed.
Breaking through the
lines of the weary enemy.

I see my chance!
I push forward,
my sword swinging
back and forth!

My enemy falls,
victory lies at hand!

But then the vision

I am left here to stare
at nothing important.… Read the rest

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