Mother's Bistro, Portland

Diabetes: Restaurant Nutrition

Finding the nutrition contained in a restaurant's meal can be tricky for diabetics, but often using an app can help. If an app can't find the information, often nutritional values can be found on the restaurant's website.
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The best steak sandwich I’ve ever had

Twenty-five years ago, as of yesterday, I had the very best steak sandwich.

To be honest, I wasn’t hungry at the time. It was well past dinner time, past 8 o’clock at night even. There’s no real reason that a steak sandwich should have even been offered, and yet, it was the right thing to have.

Having a meal is only partly about the food itself, especially when you are with other people. There’s an atmosphere to the room, both physically and the emotions of those around you. It has a lot to do with what’s going on around you sometimes, sure.… Read the rest

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