Photos from the trip


This is sort of an entry about the trip I just went on to Texas, and sort of showing off a bit of photography, so bear with me.  We came back yesterday from a big trip to Oklahoma and Texas, and I’ve uploaded a few choice shots to the site and I thought I’d share.

And here… we… go:

First off, for those that know me and the expressions I use everyday, this needs no real introduction:

Next, my son and I captured these photos of some sort of spider-creature in Cuero, Texas.  We have no idea what it really is, so if you do please let me know and I can pass it on:

While we were in Fort Worth, I also took several shots of the “walk of fame” discs embedded in the walkways around the Fort Worth Stockyards. Being an artist, I thought I’d show this one:

I also liked this sign (and it’s location anyway), and actually I didn’t think the shot was too bad either.  Since there’s little chance I could’ve parked in there anyway:

These last shots are of the Alamo, and of San Antonio’s Riverwalk.  They include the (former) Aztec Theatre on the Riverwalk, and the so-called “flat” or “2-D” building:

Opinions, as always, are welcome.

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