Sketchy McSketch Sketch: Sept/Oct

After the accident (there’s a thread around here somewhere for that), I’ve had a hard time getting my head back into art.  To help get that moving again, I’m returning to posting some of the sketches I’ve been working on.

As always, they vary quite wildly, even on the same page. They range from sketches based on objects, to cartoons, to horror.  Without further adieu, here are some sketches I was working on of a few things I have in my office here. I’m trying to work on sketching from life and from objects more, I think that’s something that I’m lacking in:

That’s not to say that practicing with cartoon characters won’t be helpful too. … Read the rest

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Graphic design: my red-headed step child

Most people that know me outside of family (both of you, you know who you are) know me as an artist.  But by day, and sometimes even at night, I am also a graphic designer.

Sometimes that means signs, or books, or even logos, which is the topic for today.  I created a logo for a client last night, and interestingly she asked what the ideas were behind the logo.  To be fair, the client did give me a good, if not nearly exact direction to head in.  But I came up with something a bit more abstract, and she was interested in how I thought of it.… Read the rest

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