Writing Sample: News release


This news release sample was written for my Bachelor degree in Communications program, through Colorado State University. It is an example news release based on a fictional product, but researched as if it was a real device. A PDF version is included below.

NeuProsthetic Challenges Medical Norms With Custom

3D Sculpted Replacements For Lost Appendages

Customizable, personal design lets any patient wear distinctive prosthesis

Windsor, Co. (July 16, 2017) – The NeuProsthetic prosthesis cover and replacement models give hope to those who have lost appendages, through personalized, distinctive designs. NeuProsthetic replacements change the way prosthetics are approached by offering a new way to replace lost limbs with a profound statement of courage and creativity.

NeuProsthetic replacements are created uniquely for each patient, using state-of-the-art technology. Patients and healthcare providers work with NeuProsthetic creators to sculpt distinct designs using 3D modeling software. Patients are scanned digitally, and the information is added to the 3D model to create a comfortable, perfect fit for the prosthesis.

NeuProsthetic replacements can then be printed on a 3D printer using various materials, to integrate with an existing prosthesis or to replace one. NeuProsthetic replacements can be reprinted in the future as many times as needed. Any future design changes easily work with existing data, easing the replacement process.

Information for patients, families, and healthcare providers, including costs, insurance processes, and availability is located on the NeuProsthetic website at www.NeuProsthetic.com.



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