From start to finish: The Cover of Brian Keene’s Scratch

I like seeing how art evolves, from the beginning of the thumbnail sketches all the way through the final product. I think you can literally see an artist’s though processes as they work through issues, try new things, and complete what their vision is.

In my case, it might be more like watching chaos unfold in front of you.

I created a video/slideshow of my cover art for author Brian Keene‘s novella Scratch, which was recently released by Cemetery Dance Publications. It hopefully shows the genesis from the initial thumbnail sketch through the final product, and as always let me know what you think.… Read the rest

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Approaching art from all angles

I never just charge into a piece for the sake of doing art, I always let it mull around in my head some first. Sometimes I have a pretty good idea and I just need to smooth things out. Other times, there’s a lot of thought in what the scene portrays, who’s in it, what’s their motivation, did they just do something or are they about to, so on and so on. If you don’t think about the overall work ahead of time, you’ll end up with a mess.

I tend to think of everything in a scene as being it’s own layer.… Read the rest

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Apex Magazine

My current Apex Magazine blogs

Since January of 2010, Jason Sizemore and MG Ellington over at Apex Magazine have given me the opportunity to talk on their blog each month about art, and how I create it.  Now, so far, it’s been mostly rants about the things I see wrong with art and with the various genres I’m a part of.

I thought I would sum them up as they are so far, as I’ve done quite a few now.  Please make sure you visit Apex Magazine and support the small press, and leave lots of comments for discussion over there.… Read the rest

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My art for Brian Keene’s novella Scratch

I’ve been very anxious to show everyone this, and now, upon the release of the novella, I can do just that. Below I’ve attached a number of pieces of art that I did for author Brian Keene’s book Scratch, just released from Cemetery Dance Publications.

Scratch, if you don’t follow Keene’s work (and his followers are Legion), is the story of a giant snake. One that gives our characters quite a bad time.

I have to say, working on such an in-depth and extensive project was a daunting idea at first.… Read the rest

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The Thing That Crawled

New Art: My first acrylic – no giggling

Sometimes, I shudder to post new ideas or new techniques that I try. I never know if they really work out, if they are ok but just need work, or if they are so awful that the sun will shrivel up and we’ll all die.

But, I also think that as an artist I always need to push ahead, to grow and to get better at what I do.  Posting the results on my website, while giving the distinct possibility that some new editor or fan might run away screaming, also forces me to learn and to adapt much more quickly. … Read the rest

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Behold! The mighty Moleskine!

Last year, a couple of friends (Mike Oliveri, Cullen Bunn, and a few others) were really talking up using a small writing or sketching book to jot down quick ideas. I’ve carried a larger sketchpad in my backpack for a long time, but I’d considered something smaller to compliment it.  So, I ended up purchasing a Moleskine, one with frames for storyboarding, that fits right in a pocket.

It’s been one of those things that, as an artist, has really helped how I work.  I use it for practice sketching, as well as for jotting down quick ideas.… Read the rest

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Dabbling in the land of multimedia

When I’m not doing art (so-so art, really), I work both as a day job and as a freelancer in web and multimedia design and development. Most of the time, that means I have to turn off the creative side of my brain and slog through whatever code comes next.


But occasionally (and hopefully more often quite soon), I get to work on fun, creative projects with multimedia, and today one of those projects was posted by Cemetery Dance Publications.  They needed a book trailer for Brian James Freeman’s book The Painted Darkness, so I worked on that for them.… Read the rest

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Seeing it in real life: Church’s The Icebergs

Awhile back (and by “awhile back” I mean “over a year ago”) I wrote an art blog of Frederic Edwin Church’s beautiful painting called The Icebergs (check out the blog here… I”ll wait.)

I won’t bore you with the specs again (I’ll be boring you with other ways now), but seeing it in person I realized what the specs actually mean.


The Icebergs, it turns out, is a really, really big painting.

Not the largest I’ve seen for sure (a Rembrandt holds that record), but nevertheless this is a very large painting. … Read the rest

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The places you go

Family trips aren’t always conducive to finding those unique places that are either interesting, affective or both.  But my wife’s family is from Oklahoma and Texas, and both states offer places that we visit when we are in the area.

Above is one of the empty chairs from the Oklahoma City National Bombing Memorial, and it’s a site I’ve visited a few times now. I’m sure most people out there know the story (or you can find more information here), and the memorial is a beautiful, respectful area in downtown Oklahoma City.… Read the rest

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Feng shui it’s not

I was asked while at a gallery over the weekend what my artist’s studio/office looks like, and if I’m comfortable in it.  It’s an interesting question, the environment in which we create the things that we do.

I love seeing other artist’s studios, it gives me a sense of where someone’s coming from.  They run the whole gamut too, from clinically clean to folks who should be on that “Hoarders” show on TV.  I guess I’m somewhere in between, which says as much about me as a person as anything else would.… Read the rest

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Updates and a new gallery

Now that the visitors are all gone, I’m getting back on track with things. There have been a few developments, and there are a couple of reminders here, so let’s get going.

  1. My art is featured in an actual, physical gallery locally now. The On Display Gallery in Fort Collins, Colorado, has a number of my pieces. If you are in the area, come take a look. The gallery is located at 324 Walnut St., in Old Town Fort Collins near Halley’s Comics (the great comic shop I get my stuff at).
Read the rest
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