A recap of the current everything

I don’t do recaps too often, since, really, you could probably just scroll down and see it all anyway.  But there are a few things happening away from this site, so I thought I’d highlight them.

  1. My Flickr “sketch every day” project, which is at least getting an OK start.  I don’t think my Teddy Roosevelt sketch came out too badly, and the giant lizard man and his friend were fun: www.flickr.com/photos/47005555@N07/
  2. I have a new online store at Etsy, with prints I’m making here at home of my artwork. 
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Russ’ Art Blog: The Wadsworth Atheneum

I don’t often get to art museums, so I make the most of it when a chance comes up (save for the Denver Art Museum, which is only an hour away). I think, though books and the web can certainly show you art you’ve never seen before, that being in the museum in person gives you such a different view of things.

In this case, on the aforementioned trip to Hartford, Connecticut, I was lucky enough to get time to visit the Wadsworth Atheneum, a beautiful art museum with some wonderful works of art.… Read the rest

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Sketchy McSketch Sketch: Sept/Oct

After the accident (there’s a thread around here somewhere for that), I’ve had a hard time getting my head back into art.  To help get that moving again, I’m returning to posting some of the sketches I’ve been working on.

As always, they vary quite wildly, even on the same page. They range from sketches based on objects, to cartoons, to horror.  Without further adieu, here are some sketches I was working on of a few things I have in my office here. I’m trying to work on sketching from life and from objects more, I think that’s something that I’m lacking in:

That’s not to say that practicing with cartoon characters won’t be helpful too. … Read the rest

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Great news! I’m a guest at VisionCon

Fantastic news, for the first time ever I will be an official guest at a con!

I am one of the guests at VisionCon in January, in Springfield, Missouri (website at www.visioncon.net). Along with Brian Keene, Mike Oliveri, Cullen Bunn and a bunch of other folks.

I went last year, and it was a great convention.  Lots of interesting folks, a lot of energy and a great staff.  If you can, I highly suggest checking it out.

The one thing I’m definitely going to make time for is to go to Lambert’s, home of the “throwed rolls”.… Read the rest

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The whole last week: KillerCon, accidents, and art

It’s definitely been an interesting couple of weeks, and to start things off here’s how last week (Sunday evening) started:

Out in Colorado here we call that, “turning on a green arrow”. Basically, we get the green turn arrow (everyone else gets red), we start turning and BLAMMO!, other party never stopped at the light.  Luckily, being on a fast road, he wasn’t going the full 65 mph that is the speed limit through there.  Only 45 or 50 mph.  Lucky us.

Now, no worries.  Other than being knocked around a bit the family and I are fine. … Read the rest

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Music and the artist Part 1: Soundtracks

An interesting discussion came up today (both online and in real life) about what music drives our particular passions.   I decided to go through my iTunes library and really see which tracks influence my art, or at least which tracks really drive me in certain directions with the type and style of work I’m doing.

My iTunes library isn’t what you’d call huge, but it’s at least pretty big. So I’ll start this with only the movie soundtracks I have.  I listen to quite a few soundtracks regularly, as they can really help push me in new directions. … Read the rest

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